Mountain Range

Telling stories 

Creating meaning


I am a little recording studio and videographer in the heart of Cape Town, passionate about storytelling and creating meaning.

My services include everything you would need for your media creation

  • Videography (handheld, drone and GoPro)

  • Sound design, music composition, film scoring

  • Songwriting, specifically tapered to your brand message

  • Professional sound recording for podcasts and voice overs

  • Video editing and colouring

Professional voice recording and editing
Original music composition and sourcing
Location scouting
This is me

I've got a BA degree in Music Technology, have been playing music since the age of 6, and spent 15 years on both sides of the microphone - I'm as much a recording artist as a performance artist.

On the film side I've done countless outdoor explorations with my camera and captured my own nature documentaries. I've also directed my own and others' music videos, and put in the time with editing.

I love telling stories, and creating meaning. I believe that combining film with music is a powerful tool to change people's hearts and ultimately, their behaviour.

I've worked with sound masters Murray Anderson, Gerhard Roux, Ben Ludik and Theo Herbst, and have done work for SMAC Gallery, Offerzen, Sterling EQ, Cambridge University and Badgers Football Club.

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