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Extra group classes for little musicians

Online meetups for little musicians, where they can grow musically and flourish socially. Meetups include playing games, learning to compose, getting inspired by others and working on musical abilities in a real world setting, all orchestrated by an industry professional. We foster creativity, self-discipline and inspiration.

Numbers limited

What is included

These are not music lessons, but additional group meetups for kids that already take music
Fully supervised 50min
online meetup with a small group, every week (usually via Zoom)
A chance to perform in front of others weekly, and listen to others performing
Games and little challenges involving music theory, aural and songwriting
Inspirational content - watch and discuss cool Youtube videos

The benefits

Social interaction with other peers, whilst still learning
Small groups, with individual attention to each student
Increased motivation to practice and be prepared, due to weekly performing
Adapting music skills in new & creative ways

"It’s such a nice way for her to have some social interaction outside of school and to find some fun in her instrument playing…Thanks for being so creative at coming up with ways to improve musical ability!" 

- Sabrina Fernandez

"Thank you for allowing such a teeny girl, such a big space under your wing." - Lyn Kawitzky

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Music meetups are charged upfront per term, at R800.

This includes 8 meetups



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