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VALK is Luca Hart's new electronic music brand, combining live violin with pre-produced cinematic & electronic tracks, which she creates herself in studio. VALK's genre revolves around epic-ness, expanse, massive landscapes and sweeping melodies that make the listener feel like they could indeed be flying over mountains, like an eagle. ("Valk" is Afrikaans for Eagle).

VALK was created during lockdown, when Luca vowed to compose and produce a song for every day of the 21 day lockdown, resulting in music that speaks of freedom, strength and dreams. She launched the first single, titled "Mountain" in June, and the second single can be expected in September.

On 5 September, VALK will be performing live for the first time, via online streaming. Thanks to Homestage and OMG, she will bring her energetic live performance straight to her fan's homes, consisting of her electronic lockdown compositions and live improv. 

"Mountain" music video

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