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During our national lockdown I invited my violin students to a weekly zoom party where we could perform to each other, play some games and just have musical fun amidst the new limiting circumstances. It ended up working brilliantly and I'm excited to host them again in the new term!


  • 1h online session with a music teacher (me!) and three other music students. (1h of "music babysitting" so to speak)

  • Interaction with students of varying ages, levels of playing and schools

  • A chance to perform to everyone else

  • Learning composition (often in teams)

  • Games involving musical theory, aural, listening, maths (music is all about maths!) technical playing and remembering

  • Individual attention (groups are limited to four students)

  • Watching an inspirational video, music video or performance by another artist online, and discussing it together


  • Social interaction with other music students

  • Individual attention and correction of technique, personal tips & advice

  • Accountability to practice your instrument, because you will be performing each week!

  • Skill building in theory, and aural

  • Listening to others, waiting your turn to speak

  • Learning to compose! (Sparking creativity)

  • We discuss musical concepts, especially when watching a video. Afterward I often send the students another video as "watching homework", to keep up the interaction and musical thinking.


Because quality and individual attention is of utmost importance, numbers are also limited. These weekly meetups are exclusively for little musicians who practice their instruments every week, and who show a keen interest in wanting to improve and understand music better. 

Fees are payable per term, to insure that every student will be present for at least 8 meetups, not disrupting the continuation and expectation of the group. Fees are discounted for payments made for the year, as these grand gestures of dedication are much appreciated by other students and teachers alike!

As an extra bonus, one musical meetup is included per holiday as well!

R2664 per term (At least 8 weeks)

R9656 per year (32 weeks)


"Thank you for allowing such a teeny girl, such a big space under your wing." - Lyn Kawitzky

"Thank you so much for everything you do with her - it means so much to us" - Natasha Joshua

"It’s such a nice way for her to have some social interaction outside of school and to find some fun in her instrument playing…Thanks for being so creative at coming up with ways to improve musical ability!" - Sabrina Fernandez